Our Believe

  • We believe that the Holy Bible (that has 66 books) is word of God that contains all things necessary to our salvation, godliness and services.
  • We believe in the almighty God is the creator of heaven and earth and everything on it.
  • We believe in one living God and that He has revealed Himself in Holy Scripture (both Old and New Testaments) as Three Person Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: One God.
  • We believe that the Son, born from Virgin Mary is a Perfect Man and Perfect God. He suffered, was crucified and died to become a sacrifice for the sins of mankind and was buried and was raised alive to reconcile us to the Father.
  • We believe that Man was created perfect but fallen short of glory of God by disobedience to the law of his creator. As the consequences the whole mankind alienated from God by eternal sin. The only way to salvation from this state of guilt and eternal condemnation is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.
  • We believe that whoever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ shall never perish and those who die shall rise again to the Glorious immortality.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit was sent to indwell in believers and equip them with spiritual gifts for ministry in the Church, and to glorify the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ in all what He does.